Deer - Anthropomorphism Picture

These are some photo's I took of some of my more conceptual work I've done for school, I thought I'd upload it since I havn't really shown any work that is conceptual, or any traditional works, so yeah.

This is a final piece from my art folio, I explored the idea of anthropomorphism which refers to taking non-human animals or non-living things and making them human, or personifying them. Throughout the topic I researched a wide range of animals; what they symbolise and myths or folk lore relating to certain animals.

This piece is focused on a deer, representing themes of growth and vitality, through the imagery of plants and animals. the deer symbolize the powers in nature that are not easily subdued. I focused on capturing the fragilty and elegance of a deer.

Materials used: Copic Marker, Soft Pastel, Acrylic Paint.
will most likely scrap later /orz
Looks better on paper
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