Retold Picture

this is a mock comic cover for an au i came up with in tumblr, it went somethin like this:

I’ve been having this idea lately for an rc9gn au, which is basically just a re telling of it but with a bunch of stuff changed (characters histories, personalities, character relationships. looks stuff like that) mostly its just darker/more serious? i guess. Some stuff will be changed others might stay the same.

here some stuff for example:

  • randy watched his parents die when he was young(sooo original guys).
  • randy has like almost zero living relatives, except 1 thats just barely related to him, and that person ends up being randy’s guardian.
  • its viceroy (like i said i changed stuff) and viceroy tries his best, he really does, but randy…
  • randy grew up angry, like hella angry usually gets in fights with people, unsociable, kinda self-loathing, usually never in class and when he is he just sleeps thru it.
  • randy and howard never became friendzies.
  • howard ended up joining bash’s crew(out of fear of course, because bash finds it funny when howard insults peeps.)
  • so instead of like the real show where we focus on their long time relationship, we focus on their new budding relationship.
  • jerry driscol did not die! and instead works for mcfist, viceroy is now the science teacher at norrisville(its so hard for a mad scientist to find work in this economy)

Now here some major changes:

  • the first ninja did destroy the sorcerer! but his pearls were to powerful so the ninja hid them somewhere far away on earth.
  • since the sorcerer was destroyed there was no need for the ninja, so the ninja ended up never writing the ninja nomicon.
  • the ninja hid his mask somewhere underground in norrisville, just in case the ninja may be needed once more(he stopped his ghost from goin to the afterlife to protect the mask.)
  • the ninja became a forgotten myth, so when randy dawns the mask the general public will probs. not trust him.
  • randy will have to figure out this ninja stuff on his own.
  • original villains may appear, they’ll probably mostly be based on Japanese mythology.

any who i am still developing it so stuff might change, in fact i dont even know what to call such an au? maybe something like Re:rc9gn or maybe something like rc9gn earth 2 somethin like that i dunno, got any ideas?

i may even make a fancomic

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