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Red Rose & Black Rose were not only sisters, but also each other’s best friends. They grew up laughing and loving together, living close to each other until one day Red Rose made a decision that broke her sister’s heart; she decided to become the icon of love by turning into a flower. The idea of looking at a flower for sister crashed Black Rose’s heart. She swore she would never forgive Red Rose and would never even go to see her when she turns, living her alone to regret her decision.

Years passed and the sisters were separated by love, until one day Black Rose’s friend, Wind, who was a messenger for all nature and would sometimes carry some music to Black Rose, gave her the news that her sister is dying. Panic having washed over her, Black Rose followed Wind to the place where the plant that was Red Rose sat. At the sight of the magnificently beautiful flower slowly losing its shiny red petals, Black Rose burst into tears and asked her sister the reason why she was slowly losing life. Red Rose sobbed dew that love is losing strength, and being its resemblance, she is dying for the lack of love in world. Red Rose asked her sister to forgive her for breaking her heart, but she told her that she never regretted the decision for she was ready to sacrifice herself for love, but with Black Rose being far away from her and refuses to see her, she no longer has the strength to fight hatred.

Overfilled by emotions and the great love she had for her sister, Black Rose gently took Red Rose out of the ground and held her in hand, closed her eyes and made a wish from deep within. For a moment nothing happened, but when Red Rose was about to ask what she was doing, she saw Black Rose turning into a flower.

The flower was so alike her, and Red Rose knew her sister had done that only to be with her, and the great love she had shown saved Red Rose almost immediately. They were together again, and together they lived, died, and lived again, for eternity.

The Autumnal Equinox©Aty S Behsam

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