Cliodhna Picture

No I'm not being narcissistic lol My name comes from Irish mythology but I hadn't considered doing a version as part of my recent Celtic Myth series but the Celtic Art group decided to run a comp to illustrate an aspect of the Cliodhna character [Irish mythology tends to have several stories for all the various characters]

I actually grew up with a different version, then what I've done here, were Cliodhna was an evil fairy who kidnapped children but I got inspired today to draw some birds and went for the nicer story were Cliodhna is one of the goddess of beauty. She has a wave in Cork associated with her and I wanted to avoid the standard sitting around looking pretty and a bit static that tends to a theme with Beauty Goddesses. I wanted some movement and energy and really enjoyed doing this today with the last of the Olympics coverage on in the background [my studio is sandwiched between two of the major Olympic venues so it's been a fun two weeks trying to get around]
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