Hatafutte Parade: Norway Picture

I finally finished Norway's version! I plan to cover it with Sweden's instrumental.

La oss gå: Let's go
Rød, hvitt, blå: Red, white, blue
Nordisk Korsflagg: Nordic Cross
Hardingfele: A kind of Norwegian fiddle
Nisse: Also known as a tomte, it's a kind of humanoid fairy in Scandinavian mythology about half the size of a human. It resembles a very small old man.
Oslo: Capital of Norway and a major center of commerce
Bergen: A huge economic center of Norway
Magi for alle!: Magic for all!
Myte: Myth
Fjord: An inlet carved by a glacier
Isbreer: Glaciers
Tempoet: Pace
Nasjonaldagen: Norwegian Constitution Day

Many thanks to for helping me!
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