Stamp: The legendary beast Picture

seriously why do people say call them dogs
when they are clearly refered to as Legendary beast in the games

and if anything they're more based off wild cats :T
then they are dogs

Raikou is based on the 雷獣 raijū, a thunder demon of Japanese lore. In regards to physical build, it is based on the Smilodon fatalis, a well-known but extinct species of wildcat often referred to as a saber-toothed tiger. Its color and pattern scheme are reminiscent to that of a Tiger. In the anime, Raikou is shown to be very agile, swift, stealthy, and a powerful attacker, just like a tiger. It has sharp claws in addition to it's long fangs, and its roar, which sounds like thunder, is so loud it can be heard miles away. The stripes that decorate Raikou's body also can be compared to zigzagging thunderbolts and perhaps even scars from claws. The white ruff around Raikou's face is akin to the Siberian Tiger 's thick fur around its neck. The grey "plate" atop its head may be similar to Entei's head ornament, being either a helmet or crown that signifies courage and power. Raikou is particularly based on the Thunder and Lightning gods of most cultures surrounding the world. The flowing purple mane on its back is likely meant to invoke the image of a cumulonimbus cloud, the cloud type most often associated with thunderstorms.

Entei is based on Chinese guardian lions, or Lions of Foo, creatures that are a mix of fully grown male lions and stocky, short muzzled breeds of dogs. (Originally, there were two different kinds of these statues: ones that were just pure lion, and the ones that were lion-dogs. The pure lion and lion-dog distiguishment still exists today, though most don't know of it; pure lions are seen more often with their mouth open and depicted more shaggy. It's possible Entei is also just based on this version.) They are often created in pairs, the male snarling or playing with a ball and the female with a cub. Their original significance was serving as guardians (like gargoyles upon churches) at Buddhist temples. The image of a ferocious beast would scare intruders away. This concurs with Entei being seen as a guardian in the 3rd movie, protecting Molly and her allies.

Suicune is based on the Chinese and Japanese Qilin, a form of unicorn that has traits of deer, giraffes, and other beasts. It is able to walk on water and is known to be a powerful and peaceful creature. The horn on Suicune's head matches the description of the beast's antler's and the long dragonish muzzle. The spots of Suicune are also significant, seeming to combine the spots of a leopard leopard, taking homage from Fujin, the Shinto god of The North Wind, who wears leopard skin; and the tessellated spots of a giraffe. The way Suicune runs, roars, and behaves in the anime also further suggests it's leopard origin; some species of leopard are found in Asia and are featured in myths that show it is an important and widely respected sacred animal like the Qilin. Being a Pokémon that represents the wind and rain, Suicune may also be based on Anitong Tabo, who according to the Philippine mythology, was the goddess of winds and rains.
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