Delirio Picture

"Believed to be an unknown classical painter's interpretation of paranoid horror, this face and it's many variations have been cropping up as icons of deluded fear for centuries. Fairly standard mythological fare except for the fact that it continues to pop up in civilisations, cults, and myths that have no connection whatsoever. Sightings have been increasing in volume of late, with an extremely large number of alleged sightings in the Antarctic and South Korea. Fanatics claim that the appearances are nothing to be scoffed at and are in fact a sign of the death of mankind's collective soul.

The phone rang and Clark's hand shot out for it immediately, knocking over a pottle of perrier in the movement.

"Did you hear that? You don't have an awfully long time left, really"
"Shut up and tell me something I want to hear"
"Okay okay fine. I'm going to take California"
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