Merseburg Incantations Picture

Here's my final entry for *syccas-stock's Mythology contest [link]

The task was to use some of her stock and create some artwork that is related to a myth from your native country or the country you live in now. So yeah, I'm from Germany, more specifically from Saxony-Anhalt and in the south there's a town called Merseburg where they rediscovered some old documents, the Merseburg Incantations. They're written down in Old High German, one of them is a charm to release warriors caught during battle, and the other one is a charm to heal a horse's sprained foot. This artwork illustrates the latter.

The text:

Phôl ende Wuodan fuorun zi holza.
dû wart demo balderes folon sîn fuoz birenkit.
thû biguol en Sinthgunt, Sunna era swister;
thû biguol en Frîja, Folla era swister;
thû biguol en Wuodan, sô hê wola conda:
sôse bênrenki, sôse bluotrenki,
sôse lidirenki:
bên zi bêna, bluot zi bluoda,
lid zi geliden, sôse gelîmida sîn.

It's also been set to music various times. One of the more popular versions is done by German band In Extremo: [link]

As always, Wiki knows more: [link]

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