Unfis 1: Norse Myth Cast Picture

Ze first Unfis! Silly names are fun! Part of a series of sketch dumps of art I didn't think was good enough for deviantart and left lying in a desk drawer for months.. well I figured it may not be any good but its still interesting to see why it failed and how I changed things up. Also maybe if I have people intrested in characters I'll have another go at drawing them :3
This one is just for my Norse Myth-based OCs and is surprisingly huge..

Just as clarification:
NO, Loki is not evil. Just a loony. At least that's the logical interpretation I get from looking back at these stories with a modern viewpoint. Before the whole ragnorok thing he never even harms another god, only pulls pranks. Pranks where he always fixes whatever trouble he causes. And usually leaves the gods better off with several tons more gold. He didn't kill Baldr in the first draft of that plot and scholars seem to agree that the future retelling was warped by christianity. (For example Baldr is suddenly a bishie light god and figure of all goodness, WOW WHO DOES THAT REMIND YOU OF??)
Oh and even in the revised version Loki is never blamed for killing Baldr even when he apparantly did. Instead Odin kills his blind son Hod for the crime and Loki's famous chained-up-in-the-center-of-the-earth thing was punishment for.. wait for it.. getting too drunk at a party later and calling him names. Yup.
Hey Loki we're gonna torture ya, kill/take/imprison all your family and regularly genocide your race then lock you up for no reason at all. But when you wanna end the world when you get out, that's just because you're eeeeevil!
[/end disclaimer I have to put on all of my [norse] myth art to avoid flames]
[..flames other than the ones on his head..]

Character summaries!

Thor (New Character!)
The most famous super fun god! Unlike in marvel comics he was actually a ginger with a huge beard, and just for fun I exaggerated this into the Multibeard(tm)
Also his personality is more 'mentally challenged bloodthisty-yet-kind-as-a-mother-doe-when-not-fighting warrior'. Though he does randomly have moments of smartness where he suddenly speaks like a poet and becomes the voice of reason. To explain: he got a rock embedded in his head early on in his god career and noone could get it out XD He's pretty cool this way though.. XD
Oh and him and Loki are best buddies, and Loki is actually older than him, being his father Odin's blood brother and childhood friend. So its sort of like 'Uncle Loki's taking me adventuring again! :3'
as opposed to stupid marvel comics who cares nothing about accuracy and made thor and loki brothers and enemies..
Trivia: He was also a minor god of agriculture cos thunder = rain= good crops. People used to put up little figures of him chilled-out fishing in a straw hat for good luck :3

Sigyn (New Character!)
Gets literally just a name in the original text and no further description. Its vague whether Loki was married to her at the same time as Angrboda (dead first wife) or afterwards so I just went with the latter. But it was kinda established she was only paired up with him to give him a normal goddess wife. BE NORMAL, LOKI. TAKE THIS WOMAN.
Eventually though, she stays with him when he gets chained up in the centre of the earth so I ran with that and made her do a total side switch and now want to cut Odin into tiny pieces for.. y'know killing her kids and tying her husband up in their entrails. (its enough to make the most prim and proper woman snap into badass) And they actually fell in love then. Artistic license yay!
Trivia: original mythology just had her dissapear at some point before loki broke free. Likely the authors completely forgot her
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