Jet Monster: Finished Inks Picture

Wheeeee! It's done!
After much work, more than a couple moments of panic, and learning many new things on the fly, the jet monster inks is completed!

More speculation on modern mythology and such. It's official now, I'm studying our society myths and archetypes and more specifically what the jet airplane means to them (Isn't college freakin' awesome!). Though this was done for the project I've added the jet demon into one of my storylines, concerning neon angels, voodoo, urban myths, and a prophetess. Maybe more stuff about that will be uploaded. I've got all these storylines and not enough time to illustrate them all.

In case you are wondering the symbols on the wall are partly based on goetic writings, and voodoo veves for summoning spirits. They no carry any actual symbolism though.

Done in micron pens, and some gesso and colored pencil for the white parts. Gray markers will later be used for shading, so it's not done yet.
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