Merviking Picture

This is a Pokémon (Fakemon/Fakémon) I came up with around 2004-2005. I drew them in MS Paint originally, and in 2009 I redesigned them and re-created the Line-art in Adobe Illustrator. The background, effects, painting/coloring and shading was done in Adobe Photoshop.

Merviking was always intended to be a legendary Pokémon. Originally I was going have it evolve from another Pokémon I came up with called Scannorseway at level 100. However to be a true legendary, as defined by many sites, it cannot evolve. That's okay with me since, to tell the truth I lost the only picture of Scannorseway in a Computer Crash.

Merviking is the combination of the words mermaid and viking. Kodin コディン is the corruption and combination of the words Koden (myth) and Odin (chief god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard)

Name: Merviking | Kodin コディン
Type: Water | Steel
Species: Myth Pokémon
Height: 10' 10" (3.30 m)
Weight: 1452 lbs. (658.61 kg)
Abilities: Battle Armor | Pillage*
Stage: Does Not Evolve
Gender Ratio: Male ♂ Only
Egg Group: Undiscovered (can not breed)

Merviking were thought to be nothing but old myths, and the product of misidentifying other Pokémon in foggy weather. Centuries worth of tales and legends depict a destructive beast that appears in the night fog. The beast in question often capsizes and sank any ships that sail into fog at night. Many researches thought this was only tales of the infamous Gyarados, or just a case of the ships hitting rocks in the fog, or coming too close to a nest of Lugia.

Many of the legends tell of treasure carrying ships being sank and pillaged by this beast. One account takes place in in Olivine City, years before the modern Pokéball was developed, and hollowed-out Apricorns were still used to capture Pokémon. It was a foggy night when two Gold carrying ships came face to face with an unknown creature. With a swing of its tail, the boats were both cleaved in two and quickly sank. A surviving crew member of one of those ships told a local fisherman about the creature. From the story it had armor of silver, a jewel of sapphire on its horned crown, eyes of ivory and a soul of ebony.

When sailing into the night fog, superstition dictates that everyone aboard the ship must drop a coin overboard in hopes of warding the creature off. It is said that Merviking appears for nine nights, and will disappear when it has taken the treasure of nine ships. On a foggy night it is said to be good luck to sing the first of nine magical songs. If the night is foggy the next night, then the second of the nine songs must be sang. One of each of the remaining songs must be sang in order for every night there is fog. Singing a song out of the proper alignment is considered bad luck, and a curse upon the ship and its crew who sang the wrong song.

Ability Info:

*Merviking's ability Pillage steals an item from a random Pokémon in the opponents group whenever Merviking is not holding an item itself.*

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