Basilisk Picture

This creature is a Basilisk, which is not related with that kind of Iguana, really. It's a mix of rooster and snake, as you can see... there are several interpretations in the accident medieval bestiary books about how the creature should looks like. That's because it has scales in red, green and yellow, as well as the fangs and such... But it's basically my own interpretation. Basilisk could kill other creature with its own view, that's the reason of those big and glowing eyes I've put on it.
Note: I've seen many people here is telling this is a "cockatrice" and not a basilisk... I do not care. I always knew this beast as "basilisk", no matter how many medieval bestiary books and myths enciclopeides I've read. Besides: there is no word in my native tongue for coaktrice. So stop to correct me.

I've done this pic with Painter-6 mostly, but it has a bit of Photosop-6. I sed for the pic an sketch I did at job, when I hadn't hard job. And I like the result
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