Neith Fanart SMITE Picture

Again a wonderful title with imagination, peoplez.
And as well, I wanted to try a different angle and perspective on legs and torso and failed =_______='''

My first main in SMITE, but I guess she was the first main of everyone who began to play SMITE XD


Neith or also Nit, Neit, Net was one of the first goddess in the Ancient Egypt Pantheon. She was the patron deity of the City Sais and they called her Zau. She's the Goddess of War, Weaving, Wisdom and Hunting.In some creative myths, she was identified as the mother of Ra and Apep . When she was identified as a water goddess, she was also viewed as the mother of Sobek, The God of the Nile which is portrait as a crocodile or with a human body and crocodile head.

(C)Neith by SMITE Hi-Rez (Original by Ancient Egypt Mythology)
(C)Art by me
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