The Sorrow of Airmid Picture

When Miach, a great healer, is killed by the envy of his father Daincecht, he was buried, and above his grave, 365 herbs, one for each part of our body, grew. Airmid, (that I think was his sister) sadly pick all the herbs and hid them in her robe.

Hey!! Here's my entry for the Myths and Legend Group new contest "Myths of the Celts"!!

Explining my draw: Airmid is the Goddes of Healing in celtic mythology. Above, I drew her picking the herbs that has grown on her brothr's grave, Miach.
I think it's a quite sad story. After all, Miach' dad killed him 'cause Miach was a best healer than him.

I really hope you people like it!!

See Ya'!!

P.S.: In the pic, I drew my OC Nathalie, since she has the spirit of Airmid.
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