The Seductive Huldra Picture

This is for the Mythical Creatures Design Challenge! were we are supposed to make a T-shirt design based on mythology/folklore [link]

And with me being from the north, my mind just went straight for the Norse myths and tales.

The hulder (huldra) belongs to the underground people. She is a beautiful young girl with long blonde (or dark) hair, walking around in the woods, trying to seduce young men and lure them to marry her and move under ground with her. She is often seen herding cattle - cows which are exceptionally fat and full of milk, and the leader cow has a bucket with little silver bells on its horns. She is dressed in a national costume or a white blouse and a skirt, and her chest is decorated with silver and gold. But you recognise that she’s a hulder if she turns her back to you: She has a cow’s tail!

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