Sapphire: Ama Gijinka Picture

Been wanting to draw some gijinkas, but never got to it. I scribbled a few others out so maybe I'll get to them sometime this week. :> I may or may not go back and do earlier forms. Currently dead team member will also be done in at least their final stage. :>

This is Amaterasu as a Combusken. I worked the design into a kimono pattern to relate to the original mythological being. I don't think all of the gijinkas will reference the personae/myth their name comes from (Alice's won't, that's for sure), but I think Ama looks good in a kimono.

update: Kimono -> Hakama???? :V I don't know but a hakama allows her to have more movement plus it imitates the legs of a Blaziken more. xD
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