But You Can Call Me Captain... Picture

My attempts at drawing Loki are officially made of fail. He looks like a ginger Legolas. And he's borrowing Link's fire tunic (I've been playing Twilight Princess a lot clearly. Me? Addicted? Of course not. *clutches Wiimote*)

Anywho, was going to be Myth-verse Loki rather than Runemarks-Loki, but I couldn't be bothered to draw anything more complicated than a goblin so Sugar ended up making his way into this picture. Also I quite like this idea of Loki as Captain to all these mischevious goblins. ^^

"So what's your Captain like?" she said.
Sugar frowned and scratched his head. "I think the word is volatile," he said at last. "Yeh, that's the word I'm lookin' for. Volatile and narsty. Tricky, too."
"I meant, what does he
look like?"persisted Maddy.
"Just pray you don't see him," said Sugar darkly.
"Great," said Maddy.
In silence, they moved on.

- Runemarks by Joanne Harris.

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