Boggy, Gremlin Picture

Gremlins are nasty little Boggies that are close cousins of the Hobyahs. And, yes, the Joe Dante version has made a lasting impression on my mind and it took me every fiber of my being not to clone them here with wings, but for the sake of copyrights, principles and respect I didn’t, but I came pretty darn close. My hats off to the movie for being so perfect. However, this isn’t the movie and Gremlins have been around in mythology long before Joe Dante and so here we go…

Gremlins reared up in myth in Europe during the First World War, I think, and plague the planes and other machines with malfunctions. But as far as a fantasy table top game goes they have always been around being of the Boggy species, as described by the Encyclopedia of Fairies. They are 1 foot tall, and look like wiry savage winged Goblins with a little more hyper characterized proportions then, oddly enough, Goblins.They are seen to have brown, grey and green skin and have red eyes and a mouth of needle teeth. They sport little horns on their heads and are often confused with Imps. They are very stupid and their Goblin isn’t spoken very well. However, they have cunningness about them, almost dumb luck cunningness, and are one of the hugest nuisance and tricksters out of all Fairy kind, rivaling the Boggarts, Pixies, Quicklings and even the Trixies. Only with Gremlins it seems to be instinctive than actual an intelligent choice.

Most people hate Gemlins, even other Boggies and, as a result, they can have a nasty side to them. Goblin mages often have them as familiars as they make great second eyes and can speak the same language.

Note: The major differences with traditional Gremlins and Joe Dante Gremlins is that they are not Magwais or nice before eating after Midnight, but they do hate the light, as do most all Boggies. Does it melt them? Probably not, there have been no indicators in Myth to this. HOWEVER, I wish they were like Joe Dante's versions in myth, this way I could use it as it would be well into the public domain and part of folk lore. But I can’t, sorry guys, no Mogwai.

Edit: SwenMu made me aware of the TRUE genius behind the Gremlins movie, thank you SwenMu. And so I went up and edited the credit to the one who made Gremlins. I did this becuase of the respect Joe dante deserves while instead being overshadowed by Spielberg.
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