Screwin' with "Myth" in png Picture

I REALLY wish my Photoshop was capable with Png's. I saved it as one, and got to edit it a little, but for no good reason, Photoshop all of a sudden wouldn't open it. So, it never got finished. Really sucks.

Anyway, even though it's just in black and white, let's EXPLAIN THE PLOT!

In the Regas country, a pureblood family was thriving; the Vamines. In their most recent generation, they had given birth to a psychic, named Zane, a plant-manipulator, named Anne, and two Myrio Regas!

Myrio Regas are those who hold new genes with more power and more elements. In this case, Drake used three elements, fire, ice, and lightning. Three elements are rare in Regas. Mark, on the other hand, only held two elements, but they were the power to bend light and to create or enhance gravity, both of which had never appeared ever before in Regas history!

Strangely, Drake and Mark were born only a few days apart, with Drake actually being the elder, though most would assume the opposite from contrasting their personalities.

About the time after both Drake and Mark had turned 14, they were sent to North America to find and assassinate a being named "Araleus" named after the Roman emperor Aurelius. Though Drake and Mark have no idea who he is, Anne and Zane seem to know of a connection they have with him.

No one knows where Araleus came from, or whether he ever actually was a Regas at any point, but they do know of his power: Spontaneous Generation. He can instantly create new forms of life from his own body.

Most of his creations, however, are stemmed from recently released movies. Unfortunately, even the protagonists cause mayhem, and all of them must be stopped.

"Myth" was founded for the sole purpose of stopping Araleus and his creations. Drake and his relatives are the founding members. They wear masks of Greek Mythology for two reasons: First, it gives them their code names. The other reason they wear them is to symbolically reject Araleus' beliefs.

Meanwhile, a young women, only 15, named Kaori Nonamé, dreams of a young man with blonde hair and a young woman wielding fire...
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