Cynthia Picture

"My name is Cynthia. I'm a Trainer just like you. I've been studying Pokémon mythology lately, just out of curiosity. Here in Eterna City, there is a statue of an ancient Pokémon. Have you seen it already? According to myth, it was an extremely powerful Pokémon. Who knows? You may encounter something like it while you're traveling with your Pokédex. Oh, I know! Try using this. It should be helpful. Remember, the hidden move Cut can be used in the field. It will let you go places that were previously inaccessible to you. That's important for filling up your Pokédex, right? Then luck be with you, young Trainer! Oh, there's one last thing! Please give my regards to Prof. Rowan."

Cynthia is one of my favorite Pokemon Champions. Her Pokemon are amazing and defeating her Garchomp gave me much grief.
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