Day of the Gib-Cats 1 Picture

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Anyhow, for this assignment we had to depict a myth, legend, or folklore thing in at least 8 panels. I uh...sorta overshot that. This took a lot more work than I'd origianlly planned, since I painted all the panels, scanned and assembled them into proper format, downloaded a font I thought felt appropriate, printed them on coloured, textured paper, and then painted the white cat on that.

I'm SUPER CRAZY happy with these. In person, they're just very rich and have a lot of depth, if I dare say so myself.

This is based on Norse mythology. The Goddess Freya has either a great Golden Boar, or a troupe of Gib-Cats (castrated cats) pull her chariot. Only, the thing I'm thinking is, cats make their OWN sceudules.

Many thanks to The Viking Answer Lady for the norse drinking song. I'd wanted to have the untranslated version, but there was no way I could have typed that up.

Check it out: [link]

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