Freya Missing Od on the Second Night Picture

This is an illustration of the myth often called "The Necklace of the Brisings." It stars Freya, the main Norse goddess. She was queen of the Vanir (one of the two types of gods), leader of the Valkyries, and the goddess of love, witchcraft, and beauty. It is the last that features in this myth; Freya covets the most beautiful necklace in the world, which is owned by the four dwarfs who made it, the Brisings. Freya sneaks out of Asgard to ask them their price, but the only price they'll accept is sleeping with the goddess. So she makes a deal to sleep with each one of them in exchange for the necklace. Loki, the trickster god, followed Freya to the home of the dwarves and reports to Odin what he saw. Odin is angry and orders Loki to steal the necklace. When Freya confronts Odin about the stolen necklace, he tells her she has shamed the gods and the only way she can make it up to him is by stirring up a great war between men.

Freya is always mourning her lost husband Od and searching the nine worlds for him.

I had fun doing this picture! I'd like to do art for more mythological themes. I did this on December 3 with pencils, micron pens (02 and 05), and colored pencils.
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