Rendering- Myth Portrait Final Picture

Alright, I finally get the chance to post my final from Rendering last semester. The project was to make up a face out of different little things and make it look like a 3-D face in entirety. Okay, I cheated slightly and used objects that were so similar that it wasn't quite the idea.

But here is my Midgard Serpent made out of weapons. Easily my favorite piece to date. It's too bad that I don't have the original of the finished piece anymore (gave it to someone who likes dragons and swords, but I'll never see the guy again most likely T.T), but I still have the sketch. I can re-do him sometime...

Thank you Professor Savas for taking a picture or I'd have lost him forever.

Medium: Prismacolor Pencils (Verithins and Berol)

Copyright 2008 Bonnie Horton
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