Goblinue - the annoyance Picture

GOBLINUE (gob-lih-noo-ay)
The Annoyance Pokemon
Pokedex: Goblinue loves to pester others for its own enjoyment. It enjoys sneaking into homes at night as a smoke cloud to steal food and leave soot marks.
Ability: Blaze (Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.)

Goblinue was the first of the 'starting nine' I created, taking influence from the nue monster of Japanese myth. The creature would float down on or as a smoke cloud in order to attack people and looked basically like a tiger with a monkey head and a snake for a tail, which I tried to show through a tail similar to Girafarig's. Out of the three starters, Goblinue is the one I'd choose.

There may already be a Fire/Dark line (Houndour), but I wanted to approach Goblinue in a completely different manner than the devil dogs. I always find Dark types are a little unfun to train due to awkward type matches and the powerful weakness to Fighting's big moves, so I designed Goblinue's line to be as annoying to the opponent as possible while remaining fairly versatile for TMs and breeding moves. The name comes from the words GOBLIN + NUE; "nue" as the mythological basis for the monster and "goblin" more for his malicious and mischievous nature than the monster basis of the same name. It went through a number of name changes, including "Nuesance" and "Anueyance".
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