Nisse Maker Picture

This is actually a remake of sorts of day 21 in my dressup game advent calendar. Like many of the Advent Calendar days, day 21 was very rushed and I had to scrap a lot of ideas in it due to a tight schedule, so I decided to remake it now and include all the options and items I wanted to include, and more. At first I had decided to remake day 15 instead, but maybe I'll do that some other time.

Unlike my other games inspired by Scandinavian myths, in this one I included options for some crazier colours and modern accessories such as piercings, partly to make it easier for people to make themselves in this game, and partly because all the clothes and stuff in this game is so sickeningly ultra-Norwegian that I needed something to break it up, or else I would just feel slightly icky at the sight of it. I also included Sámi inspired clothing in this one along with all the bunad-inspired ones. I would've included Sámi clothing in the Huldra Maker as well, but the thought just didn't occur to me at the time, and now it's too late since the game file crashed. Oh well.

Feel free to post screenshots of the dolls you make, but make sure to credit me, link to this game in the description or at least mention you didn't draw it yourself.
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