Hydra Ichi God Cloth Picture

Made for the fanfic parody "Saint Seiya - Loser Bronze Saints" by the friend Lameks.
You can find the first season and the second season-part 1 in Italian here: [link]

Ichi is a funny character who thinks he's so cute and beautiful... despite his appearance. His cloth is the first to evolve to kamui level for a vary "special" blood bath... all to lough about!!!

As I used the manga cloth as a V1 and the anime as a V2 to elaborate my personal V3 [link] , this is the natural evolution to god cloth, as you can see in the redundant details. And as the mythological Hydra sprouts heads once cut, the totem does the same each level of evolution, passing from 1 (V1) to 5 (V3) to 7 (god). Why not 9 as told in the myth?! Someday you'll see...

Enjoy and stay tuned for more characters!!!
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