Supernatural - Misfits Picture

Braelyn Rohan - Hunter in training, college student. Skilled knife combat and studying the supernatural myths and rumors on how to kill demons. Girlfriend to Dean.

Halo 2.0 - Machine, portable device/similar to a laptop. Beeps and talks when anything supernatural is nearby.

Dean Winchester - Hunter, Chosen One of Michael. Gunsman and knowledgable in the tortures of apparitions. Boyfriend to Braelyn

Sam Winchester - Hunter, Chosen One of Lucifer. Preffures blades over other weapons though is skilled in the basics of any kind. A library of mythology and legends, he teaches Braelyn in Truth and False. Brother to Dean.

Brodey Flair - Demon, double-agent for lesser Angels. Brother to Megan.

Castiel - Angel, black-winged lesser. Rebelion against the Archangels. Brother to Leonardo.

Leonardo - Angel, one-winged rogue. Puppet of God, skilled with swords. Brother to Castiel and teacher to Braelyn.

Megan Flair - Demon, double-agent for lesser Angels. Sister to Brodey.

Dean/Sam/Castiel (c) Supernatural
Leo/Megan/Brodey/Halo 2.0 (c)
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