Ahuizotl Otter Picture

This was concept art that I did for a table top & miniature RPG called “Warpath: Going Native” produced by Paymaster Games. I had fun working on this design called a Ahuizotl Otter from the Mesoamerica Aztec legends. It was one of the Spirit Beast illustrations featured in the successful Kickstarter for this upcoming game.


The Aztec Triple Alliance War Party Starter kit features the Ahuizotl Otter as the Spirit Beast.

Cryptozoologists believe the Ahuizotl Otter was once the largest Otter that has ever lived in North America and was native to the lakes and streams of Mesoamerica. According to the myths of the Aztecs and the other groups in Mesoamerica, The Ahuizotl Otter had a hand on its tail and often attacked and drowned people that wandered it to deep water. According to the logs of Christopher Columbus, he encountered one as it attack and killed a rather ill-tempered Spanish boar.

When I tackled this design, I referenced it and discovered various chimera aspects form monkey like hands and feet to the tongue and maw, as well as the ridges and of course the signature tail with the hand at the tip. I utilized the Giant Otter (Pteronura Brasiliensis) as my basis since they are one of my favorite mustelids and are native to South America, I felt confident that the Giant otters would be a solid base for creating this spectacular Aztec creature.

The planned size of this beast is about 20mm to 25mm at the withers and will be mounted on a new style 40mm round base.
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