12. Idunn Picture

Iðunn: Norse Goddess of Youth and Immortality

100 Gods and Goddesses Challenge

I'm on a rollllllll
too bad I have to go back to school next week. >I

Idunn is the goddess who makes sure the Aesir stay young and pretty (Yep, even Odin, who barely eats anything anyway.) by making sure they get their golden apple a day.
Okay, maybe not every day, but still.

For some reason, apples (especially golden ones) are all over mythology as symbols of love and fertility and immortality. What is up with that.
No seriously, I have no idea. None.

I was just reading about one myth where a king prays to Odin for a child and Odin's like HERE YOU GO *throws an apple at him*
and suddenly his wife is pregnant.
For six years.
Odin sure has a weird sense of humour.

Anyway, there's really only one major myth about Idunn. One day a jotun named Thjassi or whatever is all like yo Loki get me that Idunn gall and Loki's like okay sure yeah hey Idunn I uh found some pretty apples in Midgard that look suspiiiiiiciously like yours let's go compare them and Idunn is like YAY APPLEZZZZZ and then long story short the Aesir flip out and make Loki go get Idunn back by turning her into a nut and then they light the jotun on fire and party and stuff.

Oh those vikings.

Anyway, I wanted to draw something kinda cold and frosty because I AM SERIOUSLY MISSING THAT WEATHER WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE EARTH IT WAS TEN DEGREES THE OTHER DAY. TEN. DEGREES. THAT IS NOT RIGHT. I WAS PROMISED THE COLDEST WINTER OF MY LIFE. so far nothing has beaten -59 C from a few Decembers ago

And also because I thought having apples growing in winter would better reflect their magical properties or whatever totally.

Annnyway I'm gonna go raid the kitchen for snacks. All this talk about apples and stuff...
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