Okami Gijinka - The Spider Queen Picture

I forgot to submit this ages ago - the final of the Spider Queen explorations for my Gijinka project.
University is hard work! There's so much to be done, all the time - my artwork turnout will slow down dramatically but I'm still gonna try to keep updating as much as possible.

For those of you familiar with the japanese legends of the Jorogumo, you'd understand why I gave her a biwa. Some Jorogumo myths feature the massive spider disguising itself as a beautiful woman and enticing men with the sound of a biwa. Additionally, the music inside the chambers of the Spider Queen in Okami is very creepy biwa music - so it makes sense for her to have one. The design for her instrument is based on the design of her bud in spider form.

She has no visible eyes in this picture - the original character has no eyes on her face, they are enclosed in the flowerbud that is her body - so in this human form they would be located inside a flowerbud on the back of her head, like a hairpin.

Tell me what you think of this design? Is there anything from mythology I should take account of?

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