Tambaloslos Picture

“Tambaloslos” is the name of a mythological creature commonly heard in stories from the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines. It is described as an apparition that emerges from behind the woods in forested areas, and some would speak of it looking like an ordinary person with a bizarrely large head and mouth (In the Visayan language the name is usually used to described a person that has a big smile, or someone who has a weird snigger). The fascinating thing that happens to someone comes across it loses their way, and as it comes nearer and nearer its large smiling mouth gets bigger and bigger and resulting in the victim getting more lost by the moment. The only solution of finding their way back is to take off all their clothes, and putting them back on inside out, and go through the creature’s mouth which by this time would have covered up its whole face, and they materialize back to where they where safely with the tambaloslos gone. So if you are alone in the woods, and see someone darting between trees, just be careful, and don’t look at it, you’ll never know if it’s a tambaloslos.

Done for a show entitled "Stories from Home:
of Filipino Myths and Legends" at Utterly Art Gallery, Singapore

Oil on Canvas
122 x 92 cm (4 x 3 ft)
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