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From Celtic mythology, Les Lavandières, also known the Bean Nighe (in Scottish mythology), or the Midnight Washerwomen in English, are three washerwomen. The three women go to the water's edge at midnight to wash shrouds for those about to die according to the myth and folklore of Brittany. The washerwomen are small, dressed in green and have webbed feet. In Ireland they are an ominous portent, foretelling death, either one's own or a death in the family.

In Wales and Cornwall a passerby must avoid being seen by the washerwomen. If they do get seen however, they are required to help wring out the sheets. If they twist the sheets in the same direction as the washerwomen, the individual's arms will be wrenched from their sockets and they will get pulled into the wet sheets and killed instantly. If, however, they twist in the opposite direction, the washerwomen are required to grant the person three wishes.

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A labour of my love for mythology and folklore. The result of many hours of hard work... more than 70 layers in the final PSD (many were merged before that). The second and third models were blened from photos by the respective stocker.

Stock used:
Models (from left to right) ~NightPhoenixFire (photographed by IMS Photos) *liam-stock *Kuoma-stock
Additional cloacks `faestock
Sheets `lockstock
Laundry basket *LadyxBoleyn
Forest ~Eirian-stock *CAStock *AlaskaStock ~Flynn-the-cat
Tree *GoblinStock
Stream and boulders *Burtn
Brushes `DanLuVisiArt *redheadstock
The rest is from personal resources
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