Kirin - Golden Sun Picture

Kirin is the Japanese and Korean word for Qilin, a creature in Chinese mythology. It is a mythical dragon- or stag-like hooved, horned creature who often arrives in conjunction with the birth of a sage or king. It has been seen as a sign of good fortune and is often depicted as having fire all over its body.

Description taken from the Golden Sun Wiki.

Yeah, there is a Golden Sun Summons contest and I wanted to enter with Kirin, since I havent seen much fanart of it and I like its chinese myth ;u; and its soon forgoten in the games when you get Tiamat, or Meteor haha!

I tried to mix the 2 designs it has into one + flames~ I had a great time while drawing this! This time I tried to paint over the lineart in some parts and use new brushes and effects to see what I got. I missed doing experiments ;u;

I started it a long time ago but couldn't finish it until today.
Hope you like it!

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