No Sympathies: Abaddon Picture

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"Prepare thyself to die; for I swear by my infernal den, that thou shalt go no farther: here will I spill thy soul."
~ Abaddon (Apollyon), Pilgrim's Progress

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This is Abaddon, the Prince of Wrath. His name literally means "destruction," and he rules the second deepest section of the pit that is Hell: Malebolge, the ditches of sin.

In the original folklore of the Seven Princes, the prince of wrath is named "Satan." However, since most people equate Satan with Lucifer, I gave the prince of wrath a different title to avoid confusion. Abaddon (also called Apollyon) IS associated with Wrath in demon mythology, and IS considered one of the strongest demons, and is even occasionally considered the true name of the greatest devil (which demon rules hell changes from myth to myth, which is why I'm going with the seven princes idea - this way we can understand WHY the rule of Hell is so disputed). Abaddon definitely fits the Wrath position, and so our Prince is named.

The Prince of Wrath is also said to be the seven headed dragon of the apocalypse in the Book of Revelation, so I tried to make Abaddon's design the most overtly draconic of the seven princes. His head is serpentine and his body is covered in thick, scaly armor. He's got huge claws and venomous fangs. He's still a demon instead of a true dragon, though, so there are some chimeric elements as well - his chest is humanoid, he has goat legs, and the horns of a ram sprout from his brow.

It is also said that the Prince of Wrath suffers from a hideous chest wound. The myths say that it would heal if he'd stop fighting for a moment, but because he's such an angry S.O.B. it never will. To go with the dragon motif, I drew Abaddon with a sword sticking right through his chest. An angel thrust the weapon in way back when he fell, and he has left it in through his rage ever since. Just as Lucifer is imprisoned by his own prideful wing flapping, so too is Abaddon imprisoned by the wound that spurs his wrath. If he could subdue his anger for just a moment, he could pull out the sword and work up the strength to crawl out of the pit. But that asks too much from the Prince of Wrath.

While none of the demon princes get along any more, Abaddon is the worst at getting along with the others. His violent temper makes him so unreasonable that most demons, including his own subjects, just try to avoid him at all costs.
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