The magnificent simurgh Picture

This is the simurgh, a many-coloured divine bird of persian origin.
The idea behind the picture is the structure of the myth of the simurgh, the border consists of thirty birds, because the simurgh's name means thirty birds. the tree in the background is the tree of knowlege, as the bird was said to nest in its branches, as it was so old it has seen the world destroyed three times, and as a result was very wise. The person sitting in the corner is Zal, the boy whom the simurgh adopted after his father abandoned him.
Anyway, if anyone's looked at my profile they might be a bit confused since it says 'wolves and dragons and cats' and yet most of the stuff I've submitted is about this bird. Well, this is the end result of a summer project that I had to do, the other two were practice, this is the final thing.
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