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I've been meaning to do this meme for a while now and I found this a very good way to procrastinate. Yeah. Well, this was pretty fun to do but I feel like the grid is very limited. I know I could've easily expanded it, it wouldn't have been any problem. But that was actually the problem; the more tiles I filled the more things popped in my mind and I came to the conclusion that while the things presented here aren't nearly everything it's still a pretty good overview and has most of the important things in a form or another.
I'm influenced by so many things that make me feel very inspired and it's so awesome. Just a look at my favourite artists' art or playing my favourite games is enough to get me all "ALRIGHT, LET'S CREATE".

I'll try to explain this a bit. It's a mess, but what would you expect.
From left to right, row by row:

puimun and Yoann-Lossel: artists; painting and traditional art in general.
Alphonse Mucha: style; art history
Two Steps From Hell, Sonata Arctica: music, epicness; metal

Hokusai: style, Japanese art
Akseli Gallen-Kallela: style; Kalevala; Finnish mythology
Gothic architecture
Nightwish: music; metal, epicness

Dragon; fantasy, mythology, creatures
Nature, scenery
Bearded vulture; wildlife, birds in general
Skyrim; video games

Norse Mythology; mythology, ancient cultures, vikings
Skulls (also deer)
Tiger; wildlife, big cats
The Witcher: video games, fantasy

Phoenix, also how myths are represented in old art
Dark themes, death, pain, blood
Clocks (also steampunk); time
Blacksad; style, good comics in general

Venetian mask; clothing, culture, carnival themes
Clothing; fashion
Princess Mononoke; Studio Ghibli, old animation, movies in general
Okami; video games, art


Lost? Good. It wasn't supposed to make much sense.

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