Inked Picture

Here's Eleida again! This time she's showing off her tattoos. She mostly designed these herself to be a visual representation of one of her favorite myths. The myth itself was a mash-up of a few of my favorites from Greek mythology... mostly Pyramus and Thisbe/Baucis and Philomen, but I never worked out the details of it. I did originally start designing the tattoos with the myth in mind but got distracted and just started putting lines wherever I felt like it.

I had a very clear image when I started out of what I wanted this to look like... and as is typical of my "clear images," this looks nothing like it. Anyway... This was today's pet project and I've been working on it since I woke up. But I get distracted pretty easily, so I'd say it's probably about 5-6 hours of straight painting.

The whole Wroonian thing belongs to one of the many tentacles of the George Lucas franchise.
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