D00R : Toilet Genie 070 Picture

Wuh? Three heaves? Purpose? Magic? ............ wheresa yaoi? =___=

:/ I'm unconvinced that this page is going to continue existing. I probably need to find a way to say all of this in comic. It wouldn't be hard to do, but I'm worried about page count of chapter 3. This is one page! Other options are ... more like 10.

Whatever. Not the last time you'll be seeing about magical theory in TG.

For anybody who likes guessing at stuff, there's a bunch of references here to science, religion, and mythology.

Multiple dimensions and space-time are actual contemporary science theory. (name that theory!) Not that Purpose is a dimension any scientist believes in.

The concept of three heavens comes direct from a modernly practiced religion. (name that religion!) Not that the religion believes the three heavens exist as concentric spheres.

The dragon under the tree is a famous myth from a bygone religion. (name that dragon!)Not that it has a snake for a tail.

If you guess right, I'll tell you you're right. c: If not, I'll tell the answers next week.
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