Lernaean Hydra Picture

"In Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra (Greek: Λερναία Ὕδρα
I was passing through the street this morning, after picking some cigarettes at the kiosk and saw this street light. Some weird flash ran through my mind and I thought of the street light as Lernaean Hydra, because of it's four 'heads' (lamps). So, having only my SX-70 with me, I took the shot [the colors are like that because of a DIY-packfilter I made, which crappy as it may be, it gives some magnificent looks to expired 600 film] and then manipulated until I had the result that first popped into my mind. Guess that makes it a mix of analog & digital darkroom.

Cloud brush by ~LunaNYXlivingstock.
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