Wyrm, Basilisk Picture

This is the basilisk, no not the D&D basilisk or the World of Warcraft basilisk, but the mythological basilisk, which was a serpent or wyrm with a crest/crown. I imagine they range in color from brown, grey to green with stripes and designs of various colors and shapes depending on the terrain. Out of all the wyrms this is probably the most cross terrain one, found in deserts, forests, caves, etc...So it may have very different markings as opposed to other wrym species. I imagine it is very large, probably 40-50 feet. It has a poisonous breath weapon and, of course, a petrifying gaze. I imagine when it's hunting it uses its venomous breath and bite so it can eat its prey and when it's defending itself or scared it used its gaze, since it cannot eat the petrified victim. So if it's hunting you are somewhat better off than if it was threatened or scared.

I imagine it's as smart as a low intelligence person and cannot talk, but is capable of advanced emotion and some reasoning.

Some of you may have noticed i categorized the basilisk in with the Wyrm species. Some of you may not agree, but that whole cohesive world and dealing with cross culture myths means we could, in a fantasy hypothetical way, say that the Greeks didn't know what wyrms were and that it was a Greek wyrm. Much like the tapir and hippo are relatives of the horse but no one would have known unless modern zoology pointed this out. We can assume medieval fantasy people are too ignorant to realize this (maybe gnomes and goblins) but me and you are privy to this.
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