Anubis and Bastet Picture

Oftentimes Anubis, Egyptian God of the Afterlife, and Bastet, Egyptian Goddess of Protection are paired together due to their contradicting qualities.

Bast is said to have been a good mother, thus the connection of pregnancy, or the giving of life. Anubis, on the other hand, deals with the dead; the opposite of life-giving. One is female, one is male. One is a goddess with a feline head, and the other a god with a canine head. They complete each other so fittingly, and it is even said that they were probably husband and wife, anyway. I am very interested in Egyptian mythology (or any kind of myth, for that matter. XP) and have even decided to give my future children Egyptian names.

Last year, in Graphic Design class, we were tasked with designing a conceptual tattoo for our final project. I initially came out with this idea, two contrasting Egyptian gods, but it was gently rejected by my lecturer. She said that while my design was exceptionally good (pardon me, but heck yeah. XD), it did not meet the requirements of the project.

First of all, it needs to be done in Illustrator, as a vector, and secondly... well, I forgot. Something about it being a 'design', rather than an 'illustration'. So, oh well, I had to scrap this one and start on a new idea, which is this one: The Fox and the Rabbit

So, yeah, I recently found this old, unfinished work again somewhere in my laptop, and decided to freakin' finish it. There. C:

Artwork © 2012 Tiakaneko
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