Grey Wings Picture

The great wings of time are still in their prime
Maybe in some age to come we shall see
The talons of time take hold of a tree
Time folding it's wings, the end of all things

- "Wings of Time" by Tyr…

EDIT: I uploaded a WIP sequence on Tumblr for those interested:

Goodness I've been listening to music like this like crazy lately xD POWER METAL ADVENTURE WOOOO

Anyhoo that Wings of Time song is totally stuck in my head, I love itttttttttt (for some reason that kind of music for the headworld stuff I've been brewing up lately.) I'm really into Norse mythology (since a long time actually,) not only the myths themselves but the whole thing around it too - atmosphere, location, and what I can spin off of it. Vikings, dragons, battles, adventures, crazy shit, good stuff. There's also something about the languages that this type of music is sung in (Faroese, Norwegian, Swedish, etc) that really adds to the stories I imagine when I listen to their music...

As for the subject of this drawing: this is one of my Ascended Zoronians (or more like one version of how they might appear, since as higher dimensional beings, they don't exactly have a physical form)

This is probably the last full piece I'll be able to do before I roadtrip back to the west coast to get back to school...can't believe I only have one more week left at my internship!
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