Pandora's Box Picture

A quick picture i did for my lit mythology class (Of heroes, gods and men in skirts). Its part of the final assignment for the 3 week long course. I took 2 days to do it.
anyway, i did it in a new style inspired by shirotsuki's. the only which i like (and spent the most time on is the hair and the face). the anatomy for the body is screwed, but its too late to change. actually i dislike the entire bottom half of the picture. the colouring is very amatuerish work (oh well. i am one anyway) . + screwed lines. I must have gotten tired there. the little flying creatures are cute too actually. i figured i'm not cut out for evil stuff. they are alot harder to draw. (many many wrinkles and distored features vs. clean neat face and features my case i simply used a circle. -.- ah..pure lazyness)

ok, back on track. in this scene, pandora is relieved to see hope after accidentally releasing all the evils of the world out. (which according to sources are supposed to resemble moths. but i did bats). other details in the myth are a carved box and golden ropes tying the box up.

the flower on her head is called pandora's box. irrelevant to the myth though.

Full view and comment pls! Thanks.^^
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