Playing With Fire Picture

Well, someone shows up in RP, chances are, I'm gonna draw them! In this case, we brought Ra around for what will likely be a very short time, but he still wanted a picture... and since he's Ra, he didn't just want a character sketch; he wanted to be playing with fire!

Now, before any mythology buffs jump on me about anything I say about Ra, here's a disclaimer: there are a LOT of myths about Ra, and variations of myths, and alternate versions of Ra from whenever the ancient Egyptians decided to merge him with a local deity that kinda sorta reminded them of Ra. My version involves picking and choosing from those many many myths to create a Ra that works with all my other characters. So, before anyone jumps in with, "Hey! That was Amun/Atum/Khnum/whoever, not Ra!", just remember that this is only my version, crafted to fulfill a role in a fictional setting.

Anyways, Ra's a creator/sun god of the ancient Egyptians. He's a general shapeshifter who had ties to fire, magic, and life in general. He was said to have emerged from the primordial waters of Nun and called every living creature into being by speaking their true names. He's also the head of the Ennead (that would be Set's family - Atum-Ra is Set's great-grandfather. For more on Set and Ra's relationship, see Set's Old Job)

As for the fiery bird there, that would be inspired by the idea that Ra's soul was said to be the bennu, which was something like the ancient Egyptian phoenix, having created itself from fire. Normally seen as a heron, it was also occasionally an eagle or some other bird. It was also supposedly Ra's heart/soul. It hasn't shown up in chat!RP yet, but I wanted him to be holding something other than a fire ball, so the bennu seemed fitting.

Anyways, I rather love this picture of Ra. You all know how I love designing characters, and he was a particularly delectable challenge. Think I may put this one on a box... or use it as a journal cover.
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