Once Sacred, Now Entertaining Picture

This is a hard truth that Christians, particularly, are steadily learning about religion and the passage of time. Things that were once sacred don't remain sacred forever, and even things which are sacred to one group of people might not only be meaningless to another, but could also be a source of amusement.

This is a fact that Pagans have long had to deal with, because the old faiths of centuries-past have long become little more than fairytales and ghost stories to the modern world. Long ago the Pagan faiths and their followers were driven under by the Christians, Jews, and Muslims (mainly the Christians), but karma's a bitch and what comes around goes around. Centuries later, the major religions of the world are receiving the same treatment being thrown from their gilded thrones of importance not by violence and genocide, but with the thunderous roar of laughter and the gradually rise of reason and logic.

It is always important to remember that all religions are based on legends, half-truths, and unsubstantiated claims that become immersed in superstition, fairytales, and dogma that tend to give rise to bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and cult mentality. Religions have stories with morals that can be taken to heart when mulled over with common sense, but it is always crucial to keep in mind that stories is all they are, and should not be taken literally. They are hyperboles which are meant to be symbolic, and are best when not taken at face value. Many elements of the Bible, for example, have LONG been disproven by science or seem downright ridiculous when looked at through the rational mind. Even the myths and stories of Pagan faiths appear downright absurd if you attempt to look at them as being literal...although honestly, I find dragons and unicorns to be far more believable than some all-powerful senior citizen sitting on some throne in the sky or the first two humans being made from clay and fostering the human race through generations and generations of incest. So many aspects of religion which people blindly accept as true are not only lacking of logic and silly...but they're not even that imaginative either. I guess that's the real reason why I never accepted in any religion as being the absolute truth...I watched too many cartoons when I was younger and my imagination is far too vivid to conform to the mundane ideas depicted in many of those so-called "holy books".
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