Between Earth and Sky Picture

Made with ink, acrylic, charcoal and coffee on Aquabord, this piece measures 16 x 20 inches before framing. Original sold.

The concept of this piece was to explore duality as it relates to myth and art. In many cultures, eagles are representatives of the heavens and the sky god, while snakes and serpents are representatives of the earth or underworld. The struggle between the eagle and the snake therefor takes on epic overtones when depicted in art. The Mythological Eagle represents the highest aspiration of the spirit while the Snake represents carnal / earthly passions. I don't use the words "good" and "evil", but these are simply two sides of Man's nature. The eagle is also seen as patriarchal and the serpent and feminine and both are considered opposites of each other (Sky Father, Earth Mother).

"Between Earth and Sky (Eagle and Snake)"
16 x 20 inches
Ink, Acrylic, Coffee, Charcoal on Aquabord
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