Pocky and Rocky Picture

You can see me drawing Pocky here: [link]

This is a fan art for an old, somewhat unknown but completely underrated arcade/snes game called "Pocky and Rocky" known in Japan as "Kiki Kaikai." It's a cute'em-up by the creators of Bust-A-Move and Bubble Bobble, as all cute'em-ups it's much harder than it looks. It also has a lot of references to Japanese mythology.

Oh, and a shrine maiden, it also has a shrine maiden.

I want to thank Nakateleeli and Elementalogre for introducing me to this game.

So, I drew Pocky and Rocky and a bunch of their friends and foes from the series.

Quick question to those of you who have actually played this game, is Impy a boy or a girl?

Pocky and Rocky/Kiki Kaikai (c) Taito and Natsume.
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