EG audition piece .:Persephone and Hades:. Picture

This is my piece for round 1 of EquineGraphixs auditions.
The theme is mythology, so i took one of my favorite myths, and twisted it slightly to make what i wanted.
read the myth here…

In the myth, after hades "agrees" to give persephone back to her mother, He first feeds her a pomegranite seed. This food of the underworld binds persephone to it, and she becomes queen of the underworld.

I twisted it slightly so that hades forces to eat the seed, and as she reaches to eat it she begins to be corrupted by darkness, which comes with being queen of the underworld. (his is what the crack represents.)

The daisies in the background are one of persephones flowers
The color scheme of blue and green, are persephones colors.
The pomegranite seed is very important
the crack in herbody is her being corupted by darkness.

Dark coat represent his being king of the underworld
armor represents the helm of hades.


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