Athena and Apollo- Hunting in Parnassus Mount Picture

Finally I've drawn a new Saint Seiya's fanart!!!!
Here is a new illustration for my fanfic dedicated to Saint Seiya .
According to myth , the god Apollo lived on Mount Parnassus and even according to myth , the Divine Apollo was the one who teached the young Athena the use of the bow.
In my fanfic (basing my ideas on mythological anecdotes) I imagined the relationship between Apollo and Athena since the time of the myth , before she decided to incarnate in Saori Kido . This special bond in the future would be the element that pushes Apollo to claim Athena in Olympus as his partner .

I hope you like it!!!

This is a drawing full of perspective mistakes, but as many of you know now, I don't know anything about perspective, 'cause I hate perspective!!!So I hope you will forgive me!!!^^

Athena-Saori Kido and Saint Seiya belong to Kurumada Masami.
This drawing belongs to me.
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