Deirdre of the Sorrows Picture

Deirdre (often reffered to as Deirdre of the sorrows), is a tragic heroine from celtic mythology.

It's your classic story of two doomed lovers. Long story short (or as short as I can make it), Deirdre is promised to a king (in some versions, there is also something about a prophecy which causes her to spend the first part of her life hidden away), she instead falls for one of his greatest warriors, Naoise. They elope and flee the country, aided by his two loyal brothers.

Before long Deirdre, Naoise and his two brothers are discovered by the king’s spies, and (once again) long story short, Naoise and his brothers are killed. Deirdre is then forced to marry the king, but is cold towards him (understandably). After a year, frustrated with her, the cruel king plans to give Deirdre to the man who murdered Naoise. Rather than suffer this, she throws herself from the king’s moving chariot, shattering her skull.

As some versions of the story tell it, Deirdre was buried next to Naoise, and from their graves grow two mighty trees, which intertwine with one another, symbolizing their love and unity even in death.

The writing in the image is pretty much just this rough outline of the story.

I really love one of the versions of this story I have. I am a bit of an avid collector of mythology and folklore, so I have multiple retellings of this in different books in my collection. Suprisingly, the oldest publictation with the most irritating amount of footnotes is the most beautiful version of it (they all differ, some seem censored, some have slightly different events).

I decided to take the afternoon off uni work and finished this!!! As well as a whole lot of other stuff I had to do. I just wanted to play around a bit.

I may completely rework this later. Like over winter break, when I have free time once again.

Nib pen and ink, scanned and coloured on my long outdated version of photoshop.

All the paper textures and drawings used are my own.
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